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The Sons of Italy® Book Club is dedicated to the fiction and non-fiction works written by OSIA members. To submit your book for consideration, please contact Miles Ryan Fisher.

We encourage all our chapters around the country to choose one or more of the books each quarter and devote part of their monthly meeting time to discuss it.


Steel City to Emerald City: A Newspaperman’s Life Journey

By Virgil Fassio

A FIRST-GENERATION Italian-American, Virgil Fassio lived the American Dream. From 1978-1993, Fassio was the tough, energetic publisher of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, a civic-minded newspaperman who liked making things happen–and happen they did at the feisty, colorful morning paper beloved by loyal readers. He worked tirelessly helping make Seattle a better place to live and work. He loved baseball and travel, too, almost as much as newspapers, and had traveled to more than 80 countries by the time he turned 90 in 2017. The author had wanted to be a diplomat. But in a chance conversation at a Pittsburgh bar in 1947, the 20-year-old Navy veteran decided to start a neighborhood newspaper. This was the start of his 46-year publishing career. Fassio became a respected industry leader working on newspapers in Pennsylvania and Delaware on his way to Seattle with career-building stops at the Detroit Free Press and Chicago Tribune. Though he came to know presidents, politicians, and other famous people, and despite his many accomplishments, Fassio remained true to his roots in a mixed, working-class neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Love & Loyalty: An Immigrant Italian Mom Raising Her Family of Twelve in the Shadow of a Mafia Crime

By Josephine B. Pasquarello

With the excitement, humor, and pathos of a novel, Josephine B. Pasquarello recounts growing up in 1950s and ’60s Philadelphia in colorful detail. She paints the many characters of her neighborhood with clarity and passion. But the figure who stands out the most in this family saga is the matriarch of her clan, Romania Pasquarello, whose wisdom, tireless labor, compassion, and beauty carry the family through. The author recalls that back in that time there was a show called Queen for a Day, which enshrined everyday women–mothers and wives–in their true splendor, and she wishes that her mother could have been the heroine of an episode. In this wonderful memoir, Pasquarello has succeeded in not only making her mother Queen for a Day–but Queen for a Lifetime!

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