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Leone D'Oro® Wines

Leone D'Oro (Golden Lion) is the official wine brand of OSIA. Developed with licensing partner Votto Vines Importing, the red, white and sparkling varietals from the Italian regions of Piemonte, Friuli, Le Marche and Toscana are available for purchase online and in retail shops across the country.

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Chianti Colli Senesi - (Leone d'Oro)
Ruby red with violet hues, this carefully crafted Chianti has pleasing notes of fruit and brushwood on the nose. Flavor is dry and lasting with red berry and mineral notes that personify the balance of tannins and acidity. Enjoy with grilled or roasted meats and many traditional Italian dishes.
Gavi di Gavi - (Leone d'Oro)
Created from 100% cortese grapes, the Gavi has an aroma of ripe apple and wild flower bouquet. The taste is fresh and lively with a dry finish of almond. This wine is created using minimal sulfites in order to preserve the natural flavor of the elegant cortese grapes. A well-structured and crisp wine that demonstrates good acidity and can be enjoyed with antipasto, fish and cheese.
Sangiovese lgt - (Leone d'Oro)
This Marche Sangiovese demonstrates an aroma of red fruit and violets. The flavor is a unique combination of spice and pepper with a hint of sweetness. A great compliment to many traditional Italian dishes, including pasta with red sauce, semi-mature cheeses and pork.
Pinot Grigio - (Leone d'Oro)
The wines of Friuli are very distinctive and this Pinot Grigio is a fine example. This rare full-bodied Pinot Grigio is pale golden-yellow color with a fresh and fruity smell. Its generous style blossoms on the palate with expansive layers of fruit. The wine is crisp yet creamy and smooth possessing terrific detail and a refined finish. Enjoy with appetizers (particularly fried artichokes or zucchini), white meat and fish.
Prosecco - (Leone d'Oro)
This straw-colored wine has a delicate and refined fruity aroma with just a slight hint of yeast. This delicate quality makes it exceptionally well-balanced and great as an aperitif wine. The Leone D'Oro Prosecco also accompanies fish dishes as well as fruit desserts and tarts.
Vino Nobile di Montepulciano - (Leone d'Oro)
Created from a 90/10 blend of prugnolo gentile (sangiovese grosso) and canaiolo, this wine is deep ruby red with violet hues. The aroma of red fruit is accompanied by the underlying traces of wood having spent 24 months in Slovenian oak casks. The flavor is harmonious and full-bodied with soft tannins and good fruit. Pairs well with red meat, game and semi-mature cheeses.