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Speakers Bureau

Need a speaker for your club meeting or a special event? Contact these speakers directly. Some may require travel expenses and/or honorariums. For more speakers see: at "Studies in Culture." To apply, contact Miles Ryan Fisher at

Anywhere USA and Italy

Frank Polizzi speaks on Sicilian sonnets and traveling in all 20 regions of Italy. He is the author of two books of poetry—All Around Town (Finishing Line Press) and A New Life with Bianca (Bordighera Press).
Contact: 917.608.7652 (New York) |  | and 

Published Italian Poet, Author, and Songwriter Alberto Mario Gloria speaks on relationships and differences between Italian and Anglo-Saxon influences in literature, cinema, and culture; Italian influences in comic strips and their relations to art, culture, music, and psychology; art and culture in Italy between Catania, Rome, and the outskirts. He is the nephew of famed first female futurist Italian painter/sculptor/poet Adele Gloria.  Book signings and merchandising.
845.661.3892 (New York)   Email: 


Author, Journalist, Celebrity Chef, and Professor Maria Liberati speaks about Italian food, culture, and wines. She presents topics such as the cuisine of all regions of Italy, traveling through Italy’s ancient towns, Leonardo DaVinci and his life as a foodie, and gluten free and dairy free Italian food. She can customize a presentation on food, culture, and travel depending on the event. Maria has authored ten culinary travel books. Book signings; cooking demonstrations/lessons; and wine pairings. 
Contact: 215.436.9524 (Pennsylvania) | |


Architect Dr. Alfonso Caroli speaks on the history of architecture, the L’Aquila earthquake and rebuilding of the town, Renaissance architecture, Ancient Roman architecture, culinary heritage as related to architecture, and constructing your own home wine cellar. Dr. Caroli earned his Ph.D. in Architecture from Las Sapienza-University of Rome and led teams of architects/engineers through L’Aquila after the earthquake. 
Contact: 267.544.9230 (Pennsylvania) |


Chef specializing in Italian regional cuisine and author of Italian cookbooks/travel books, Bill Abruzzo speaks on regional Italian cuisine, food products, culinary traditions, travel tips, and itineraries. His two cookbooks are entitled In the Footsteps of Nonna: Recipes and Ramblings in Southern Italy and Sicily and Culinary Crossroads of Italy: Recipes and Ramblings in Northern Italy, Istria and Calmatia (both published by Pelican Publishing Co.). Book signings and cooking demonstrations/lessons. 
540.359.0286 (Virginia) | |


Historian Rocky Ruggiero speaks on art and architecture dating back to ancient Rome and traveling through the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. He has been an expert witness for the History Channel, National Geographic, and PBS documentaries on Italian art/architecture/history.
Contact:401.390.1356 (Rhode Island) | |


Anywhere USA

Richard Benedetto, former USA Today White House correspondent & columnist, currently teaching journalism in Washington, D.C. speaks on the 2012 presidential election and interesting insider stories about past presidential election campaigns. Travel expenses but no honorarium.
Contact: 571.251.2067 (VA) |


Author/Corporate trainer Marlene Caroselli explores Italy and the Italian family's role in creativity. Book-signing.
Contact: 585.249.0084 |


Arthur Cola, author & screenplay writer speaks Italian culture on historical fiction; travel tips for Italy; and his own novels. Will do book signing.
Contact: 262.308.1608 (WI) | |


John Colletta, PhD, author and noted genealogist lectures on how to research and write a family history. Travel expenses and honorarium. Will do book signings.
Contact: 202.544.9498 (DC) |


Holistic doctor & author David Coppola on new approaches to healthcare and spiritual well-being. Book signing of The Wisdom of Emotions.
Contact: 305.451.1819 (FL) | |


Psychologist & self-help author Raeleen D'Agostino Mautner on reconnecting your Italian roots with “simplicity, balance and joy.” Book signing of Living la Dolce Vita and Lemons into Limoncello.
Contact: 203.393.6500 | |


Author Linda Dini Jenkins speaks on travel, especially to Italy. Book-signing of Up at the Villa: Travels with my Husband.
Contact: 804.744.6377 |


Paul Failla, retired police officer, speaks on growing up Italian, character-building, and youth awareness (driver safety, substance abuse, etc.). He has published a book entitled Life: 101 and has performed an original one-man show for several OSIA lodges called “The Class of Life” (
Contact: 631.278.4294 (New York) | |


Novelist/memoirist Florence Gatto will share vignettes from her Sicilian American childhood which she has captured in The Scent of Jasmine. Her talk includes a photo exhibit, Q&A and book signing.
Contact: 526.785.4913 (NY). |


Joe Giordano speaks on late 19th century and early 20th century Italian and New York history and his recent book Birds of Passage: An Italian Immigrant Coming of Age Story (Harvard Square Editions). Read the first chapter on his website!
Contact: 512.565.2229 (Texas) | |


Children’s author Chloe JonPaul on helping children appreciate their Italian heritage. Book signing of The Girl Who Did Not Like Her Name and others.
Contact: 1.888.498.4443 | |


Lou Macaluso speaks on following the Italian-American dream and what it means to be Italian American in the 21st century. He has authored several books that take place in Chicago—including his recent release entitled Déjà vu, Italian Style (Pegasus Books)—and one that recounts his grandfather’s voyage from Sicily to New Orleans.. 
773.779.8636 (Illinois) | |


Maria Mazziotti Gillan, prize-winning poet, speaks on growing up Italian in America. Will do book signing.
Contact: 973.423.2921 (NJ) | |


Filippo Voltaggio, author, radio/TV host & singer, tells the Italian American experience with facts, humor and music (he’s recording artist, too). Will do book and CD signing.
Contact: 818.997.0094 (CA) | |


Cookbook author John Oliano will speak about his experiences putting together Italian Family Cooking and Wine Pairing. In it, he offers traditional seasonal recipes from north to south and some special "new cuisine" ones as well. Will do book-signings.
Contact: 215.493.3202 (Home) (PA) |


Vincent Panella will read from his fiction and non-fiction work on the Italian American experience. Travel expenses. Will do book signings.
Contact: 802.348.7452 (VT) | |


Author Mark Sullivan speaks on World War II Italy and the true story of Pino Lella, a teenager who guided Jews over the winter Alps to escape the Nazis and became a spy inside the German High Command. His recent novel—Beneath the Scarlet Sky—was based on this story and is an Amazon Charts bestseller. He is the author of 18 novels. Multimedia presentation and book signing. If interested, Pino’s son, Michael, is available via Skype or in-person.
Contact: 406.579.5207 (Montana) | |

Author/Illustrator of more than 40 books for children Dan Yaccarino speaks on how his new children's book, All The Way To America, about four generations of Italian Americans. Will do book signings.
Contact: 212.675.5335 (NY) | |


Food historian Francine Segan on popular Italian cuisine as well as what people ate in Ancient Rome and during the Renaissance. Book signings.
Contact: 212.722.8285 (NY). | |


Bill Spetrino, professional investor, speaks on individual stocks, stock market strategies, dividend and value investing, and trend trading options and investor education. He recently authored The Great American Dividend Machine: How an Outsider Became The Undisputed Champ of Wall Street (Humanix Books).
216.573.1862 (Ohio) | |


Historian Maria Falco, PhD, presents unique personalities and events from Italian history, especially in Renaissance politics and art.
Contact: 504.454.2508 (LA) | |


Historian Vincenza Scarpaci, speaks on Italian American history and on Sacco and Vanzetti. Book-signing of The Journey of Italians in America, a Sons of Italy Book Club selection.
Contact: 541.343.3887 (Work) | |


Pianist Robert Marrelli Kelley and flutist Susan Hayes perform a concert of classical music by Italian composers and others on request.
Contact: 703.385.0814 (VA). |


Professor and author Joseph Luzzi speaks on Italian language, dialects and culture; and his book, “My Two Italies” [a Sons of Italy National Book Club selection].  Book signings. 


Professor Laura Ruberto, PhD, explores her immigrant grandmother’s poignant memoir, Such Is Life (a Sons of Italy Book Club selection), and other topics related to Italian Americans and their history.
Contact: 510.981.2922 (CA) |


Professional tour director Miriam Prigioni Millard shares stories and tips for the traveler to Italy.  Requires honorarium & travel expenses
Contact: 410.949.6682 (MD) |


Psychologist Joseph Ferrari, Ph.D., offers tips on avoiding procrastination. Author signs his new book, Still Procrastinating? The No Regrets Guide to Getting it Done.
Contact: 773.325.4244 (Work) | 630.434.0580 (Home) |


Writer/Speaker Mary Lou Sanelli performs staged readings and book-signings of her book, The Immigrant's Table, a collection of poems, stories and information about Italian food and wine.
Contact: 206.441.7569 (Work) |



Retired journalist and award-winning author Dan D’Amelio speaks on Italian American history, contributions and stereotyping.
Contact: 909.790.4219 (CA) |


Larry Delrose actor, author and producer, speaks on how to lead a happy life. Travel expenses. Will do book signings.
Contact: 760.770.3332 (CA) | |


Memoirist Vito Lepore describes his “bumpy” trip from a village in Italy to California. Will do sign his book, Vito’s Journey.
Contact: 949.305.4567 |


Decorated Marine Gunnery Sergeant John Cuoco speaks on his book Echoes From The Mountain, on the wartime experience of an uncle in WW II.
Contact: 520.579.5807 |


Author/Journalist Dianne Hales speaks on the beauties of Italian as described in her best-seller, My Love Affair with the World's Most Enchanting Language, (a Sons of Italy® Book Club selection). Will do book signings.
Contact: 415.383.0803 | | :


B&B owner & Chef Diane DeFilipi on Italian cuisine.
Contact: 707.966.9220 |


Lodges in southern California can contact Marge Bitetti to learn about the history of Italian Americans there. Topics include Mother Cabrini, the Watts Towers and artist Leo Politi. She has authored many books on our history. Will do book signings and is willing to travel.
Contact: 951.279.0078 |


(North & Central) Award-winning author Raymond Ledesma (Antonio's Journey) speaks on Italian traditions and also on writing and getting published.
Contact: 916.254.9493 |


Author of twelve geopolitical novels and Washington lawyer at a large international law firm, Allan Topol speaks on his new novel, The Italian Divide. The novel deals with the current political situation in Italy and the conflict between northern and southern Italy viewed in an historical context. He discusses these topics as well as the current crisis in Europe involving Christians and Muslims. Book signings. 
Contact: 202.368.9934 (Washington, D.C.) | |


Amateur historian & teacher Lawrence Tartaglino speaks on Charles Ponzi and also on Italian contributions to civilization.
Contact: 831.688.2961 (CA) |


Retired journalist and award-winning author Dan D’Amelio speaks on Italian American history, contributions and stereotyping.
Contact: 909.790.4219 |


WWII Vet and author Leon Weckstein who, as a GI, saved the Leaning Tower of Pisa, shows a documentary on this monument and his role in preserving it.
Contact: 805.496.0508 (CA) | | | Will travel.

Author Jeffrey Gilliland with Cino Chegia speaks on Cino’s biography Four Dollars and a Dream. A survivor of World War II in Italy, Cino immigrated to the United States, worked his way up in the Bay Area’s garbage collection industry, and founded a youth soccer club. Book signing.
Contact: 510.701.1404 (California) |


Author Dominic Candeloro, professor of Italian American studies (Ret.) on Italian Americans of Chicago; future of Italia Americans; Italian American literature; and more. Book signing of Italians of Chicago.
Contact: 708.354.0952 (IL) | | Also will Skype.


Anthony Riccio is an author, photographer and oral historian who saves our history through the oral history interviews and his photographs of the storytellers.
Contact: 860.399.3423 | |

East Coast, CA & IL

Marconi biographer Cam Trowbridge speaks on the life and times of the great inventor, father of the wireless as well as on Italian and Italian American history. Will do book signings.
Contact: 646.256.0639 (WV) |

Florida, Northern

Mark Conte, author of seven novels and two books of poetry, speaks on writing fiction and poetry. He is a member of the Authors Guild and the Academy of American Poets.
Contact: 850.396.5651 | |

Florida & Northeast

Author/historian Mario Fumarola son the difficulties early Italian immigrants overcame. Book signings.
Contact: 610.395.0631 (PA) |

Florida/Tampa Bay Area

Singer/author Philip Tropea speaks on great Italian tenors from Enrico Caruso to Mario Lanza. Will do book-signings of his novel, Marco.
Contact: 727.488.6160 |

Great Lakes Region

Author of The Ultimate Italian Trivia, Scott Frush will speak on facts he uncovered and Italian history. Will also do book signings.
Contact: 248.752.5955 |


Sociology professors John & Maria Tenuto on media stereotyping of Italians and Italian Americans.
Contact: 847.543.2537 | | | Will travel.

Illinois & California

Author Lawrence Baldassaro, author of Beyond DiMaggio: Italian Americans in Baseball, a Sons of Italy Book Club selection, will speak on the topic and do book-signings.
Contact: 414.332.0710 in WI | |


Author and frequent traveler Kathryn Occhipinti, M.D. leads language lessons based on her book Conversational Italian for Travelers. She will introduce the fundamentals of the Italian language and provide handy travel tips. All will leave reading and speaking basic Italian! She also speaks on Sicilian wine and ancient grape varieties in the provinces of Agrigento and Messina.
Contact: 800.257.9877 (Illinois) | |


Lawyer/author Theodore Grippo, brings new evidence to the fore, exonerating Sacco & Vanzetti. Will sign his book, With Malice Aforethought, a Sons of Italy Book Club selection.


Children’s author Donna Gentile will speak on making Bible-related crafts and book signings of Nifty Thrifty Bible Crafts: Animals of the Old Testament.
Contact: 985.774.4438 (LA) |


Author/historian Alan Gauthreaux speaks on his book about Italian immigrant history in Louisiana. Book signings.
Contact: 504.452.7147 (LA) |

Michigan (Detroit area)

Artist/author Joe Borri speaks on collecting and preserving family history; also readings from his books and short stories.
Contact: 248.210.5773 | |


As a child, author Pierette Simpson survived a shipwreck and tells about it in person and in her book Alive on the Andrea Doria! (a Sons of Italy® Book Club selection) which may become a movie.
Contact: 248.349.8557 |


Author Vince Iezzi speaks on his books about his grandmother’s wisdom. “Coffee with Nonna” et al. Book signings.
215.755.0196 (PA).  |


Business management expert Alfred Maganiello speaks on his book, “Ravioli Rules: A Manager’s Guide to Get the Workplace Cooking.” Book signings.
301.545.5727 (DE). | |


Author of Lipstick Brigade: The Untold True Story of Washington’s World War II Government Girls, Dr. Cindy Gueli speaks on American History, World War II, film and television, and Washington, D.C. history. She has taught and lectursed widely on American social, cultural, and pop cultural history. She is also a media professional who worked as a consultant on Showtime’s The Untold History of the United States. Book signings. 
Contact: 202.236.2612 (Washington, D.C.) | |


Author & Journalist Paul Salsini speaks on his novels, set in Tuscany from WW II through the 1970s as well as his children's book, Stefano and the Christmas Miracles.
Contact: 414.964.8819 (WI) | |


Author Dominic Candeloro, professor of Italian American studies (ret.) on Italian Americans of Chicago; Italian American literature; and more. Book signing of Italians of Chicago.
Contact: 708.354.0952 (IL) | | Also will Skype.

Midwest & South

Writer Celeste Calvitto speaks on the findings of her book, Searching for Italy in America's Rural Heartland; and the importance of preserving Italian heritage. Will do book signings.
Contact: 812.537.1831 (IN) | |

Midwest & Southwest

Husband and wife team Gilbert & Ann Fornaciari give tips on Italian herb gardening including the planting, cooking and medicinal uses of same. They also teach how to develop a personal DVD of family heritage.
Contact: 623.974.3444 (AZ) |

National Capitol Area (D.C., Maryland, Virginia)

Author/consultant Joseph John Conte offers advice on caring for seriously ill family members and Italian explorations. Book-signing.
Contact: 703.724.1992 | |


Historian Marvin Colin, VP of Citizens for the Preservation of Obici House, speaks on the remarkable story of Amedeo Obici, the penniless Italian immigrant who eventually founded Planters Peanuts. Colin and his group want to preserve Obici's home in Suffolk, VA.
Contact: 757.218.8672 | Email:

New England

Retired FBI analyst Sarah Ann LoFaso on her career with the FBI.
Contact: 203.465.1035 (CT) | or

Metro New York

Author Camilla Trinchieri speaks on transforming a World War II family story into a novel. Under the pen name Camilla Crespi, she has written eight mystery novels featuring a recently emigrated Italian woman. Her recent release—Seeking Alice—was published by SUNYPress and is a story of the conflicts and strife of an American and Italian family caught in Europe during World War II. Book signings. 
Contact: 212.473.9705 (New York) | |

New England/New York

Amateur genealogist Ernest Caponi shares tips on finding Italian roots here and in Italy.
Contact: 978.534.4735 | | | Will travel.


Singer Michael Ciulla performs songs of great Italian American crooners for meetings, weddings, etc. Also will MC special events.
Contact: 860.767.1115 (CT) |


Novelist Jim Ciullo (A Tango in Tuscany) will talk about his novels and do book signings.
Contact: 413.443.2163 |


(Also Mid-Atlantic) Author Mark Saba can speak about Italian American poetry and fiction.
Contact: 203.230.8365 |

New Jersey

Holocaust survivor & author Jasha Levi speaks on the Italian rescue of the Jews in Italy during WW II. Will do book signings.
Contact: 609.448.4699 | |


Author Phyllis Martino Nugent speaks on her historical novels set in Italy.
Contact: 856.468.5870 | |

New York/New Jersey

Author John Lanza, who wrote Shot Down Over Italy, presents this true WW II story with slides and displays. Book signing.
Contact: 973.226.8602 (NJ) | | | Will travel.


Author & U.S. Navy Lieutenant (Ret.) Nicholas Starace on his experiences in the Navy; WW II Navy battles and eye-witness accounts of 9/11. Book signing of White Sails Became Me: Memoirs of a Seafaring Heritage.
Contact: 973.376.9026 | |


Children’s author Patricia Brady-Danzig on bi-lingual children’s stories (English-Italian). Book signing of her bi-lingual storybook, La Favola di Fabrizio (Fabrizio’s Fable).
Contact: 973.761.0041 | |

New York/New Jersey/Connecticut

Actor/singer Lou Del Bianco grandson of Luigi Del Bianco, chief carver of Mt. Rushmore, presents his one-man show about his famous ancestor.
Contact: 914.937.0897 (NY) | |

New York/Anywhere

Marilyn Carminio speaks on Rudolph Valentino, Sophia Loren, and Marcello Mastroianni. 
Contact: 516.242.6242 (New York) | |


Author/playwright David Mercaldo speaks on the impact of Italian immigration on the U.S. and on his novels. Book signings.
Contact: 917.597.6055 (NYC). |


Author Jilianne Davidow speaks on the spiritual messages of the Renaissance, based on her Outer Beauty, Inner Joy. Book-signing.
Contact: 212.280.1817 (NY) | |


(Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) Author John Amodeo can speak about his novel Voices of Hell's Kitchen which is based on people in his New York City Hell's Kitchen neighborhood.
Contact: 212.244.4871 |


(And beyond) Paola Corso, whose book of short stories Giovanna's 86 Circles was a Sons of Italy® Book Club selection, reads from her works and discusses Italian American culture.
Contact: 718.398.5591 |


Historian & author Salvatore LaGumina, noted scholar of Italian American studies, speaks on Italian Americans in WW II as well as their response to the earthquake of 1908 in Messina, Sicily. Will do book signings.
Contact: 516.798.8256 |


(New York only) Theater expert Emelise Aleandri, Ph.D., speaks on immigrant theater, Italian Commedia dell'Arte and Italian traditions. Book-signing.
Contact: 347.964.7892 | |


(And beyond) Olive oil and love songs may seem an unlikely combo, but singer/oil expert Micheal Castaldo speaks with authority on both. His family has produced olive oil in Calabria for 80 years and he has recorded two CDs of Italian love songs. Topics include history & allure of olive oil (can be combined with olive oil tastings) and the influence of Neapolitan songs on pop culture. He also performs at festivals, conventions, etc. Willing to travel.
Contact: 212.947.7271 | |


Parenting, weight loss and nutrition expert Vincent D'Amico will speak on these and other topics.
Contact: 845.353.2229 |


Singer Dominic DiPasquale performs traditional Italian favorites from Sinatra & Bennett to Vale and Roselli.
Contact: 401.390.7564 (RI) | | Will travel.

Author Joseph C. Sciarillo speaks on his novel—Gifts for Ugo—describing the plot and setting, how he came to write it, and what he learned about his ancestors while researching the story. He will discuss the importance of memorializing stories from family lore and how collecting these stories can be an interesting lodge project. Book signing.
Contact: 401.596.1328 (Rhode Island) |

Northeast/Midatlantic/Midwest/Gulf Coast

George Guida speaks on Italian-American culture and literature as well as fiction and poetry writing (for Italian Americans). He is also interested in leading writing workshops for those interested in writing about the Italian-American experience.
Contact: 718.506.6261 (New York) | |

Beneath the Scarlet Sky—

Northeast & Beyond

Poet and journalist Rick Black on the poetry of Nick Virgilio of NJ whose haiku poems have become classics.
Contact: 908.227.7951 (VA) | |

Politician and Author Edoardo Nesi speaks on literature, translation, globalization, and the textile industry. A member of the Italian Parliament, he is the author of The Infinite Summer and The Story of My People. He will be available for talks in the United States in Sept. and Oct. 2017.
Contact:212.414.0054 (Publicist, Esther Kim) | |


Genealogist & author Angelo Coniglio speaks on researching Sicilian and other Italian ancestors. Book signing of Lady of the Wheel.
Contact: 716.832.3790 (NY)| | | Will travel.


(Cleveland area) The bond between a dog and its family is poignantly explored by Bruno G. Botti in his novel, Beyond the Tether. Will also do book-signings.
Contact: 440.461.6317 |


(Dayton area) Author Peter Carusone will speak about his book Where's the Minestrone? An Italian American Explores Italy. He speaks about Italy's many surprises regarding housing, shopping, driving (and parking) with humor and affection for Italy and its people.
Contact: 937.436.2112 |


Writer/Humorist Celeste LaTassa Behe shares stories of her upbringing in the Bronx’s “Little Italy,” where she lived until 1985. Her award-winning talks center on food, faith, and family as they were experienced in a bygone era. Celeste brings a fun sense of nostalgia, a love for Catholic traditions, and a sheaf of shareable recipes to her speaking engagements.
Contact: 610-838-7151 | 484-554-2022 | |


Film-maker and media professor Michael Angelo DiLauro on Italian American history and identity with screenings of his documentaries on these topics.
Contact: 412.397.6822 | |; | Will travel.


The history and achievements of Italian Americans in Berks County are the topic of talks by Judge Albert Stallone.
Contact: 610.478.6438 |


Author Guy Graybill speaks on the contributions of Italian Americans to music. Book-signing of his study Bravo!
Contact: 570.374.1524 |


"Have book, will travel" could be the motto of Vincent Iezzi, author of the popular novels Coffee with Nonna and More Coffee with Nonna. He is a frequent speaker at lodge meetings in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.
Contact: 215.755.0196 |


Historian Paul Enea discusses Renaissance geniuses Da Vinci & Michelangelo; Roman art & engineering; modern Italian history from unification through today.
Contact: 610.696.4945 (PA) |


(Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey & Delaware) Former Italian instructor and award-winning author Frank Salvatore will talk about his novel, Janus: Two Countries, Two Love Stories. Also speaks on Italian emigration.
Contact: 610.449.0677 |


(Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware) Vincent Iezzi, author of the popular novels Coffee with Nonna and More Coffee with Nonna.
Contact: 215.755.0196 |

South Carolina

Author Frank Pennisi on his novel, Sciatu Mio that follows three generations of Sicilians from Italy to America. Book signings.
Contact: 843.272.9997 (SC) |


Author/researcher Vincent (Jim) Damiano speaks on Italian genealogy and his novel, Rosa's Story. Book-signing.
Contact: 214.544.0660 | |


(And beyond) Artist/author B. Amore whose exhibit of Italian immigrant artifacts was mounted at Ellis Island and later became the topic of her beautifully illustrated book, An Italian American Odyssey (a Sons of Italy® Book Club selection), will speak about her work and the immigrant experience. Willing to travel.
Contact: 802.273.2278 |


US Army (ret.) Richard Rinaldo on New York’s Little Italy and his book, Meatballs & Stickball. Book signing.
Contact: 757.874.6048 | | Will travel.


Historian Marvin Colin, VP of Citizens for the Preservation of Obici House, speaks on the remarkable story of Amedeo Obici, the penniless Italian immigrant who eventually founded Planters Peanuts. Colin and his group want to preserve Obici's home in Suffolk, VA.
Contact: 757.218.8672 |

Washington, DC/VA/MD

Author/consultant Joseph John Conte offers advice on caring for seriously ill family members.
Contact: 703.724.1992 | |


Writer/researcher Linda Barrett Osborne, who edited “Explorers, Emigrants, Citizens, ” a massive “visual history” of Italian Americans for the Library of Congress, will speak on this impressive book and do book signings. [The book was a Sons of Italy Book Club Winter 2014 title.]
Contact: 202.269.0779 (DC) |


Wine expert and mystery novelist, Dick Rosano speaks on wine, food, travel and Italian culture. Book signing of his new novel, Tuscan Blood.
Contact: 240.888.8877 | | Will travel.

Washington State & Northwest

WW II survivor Franca Mercati Martin, whose book Franca's Story was a Sons of Italy® Book Club selection, relates firsthand what the war was like in Italy.
Contact: Diane Kinman: 425.235.1285 |

Washington State/Oregon

Author Tony Vivolo on growing up Italian in New York City’s tenements in the 1940’s and ‘50s. Book signing.
Contact: 360.387.4647 | |


Author/journalist Joseph Bianco speaks on his career as a reporter and his books on journalism. Book signing.
Contact: 503.223.6737 (OR) | |

West & Midwest

Historian Mary Lampe on life in 13th century Sicily. Book signing.
Contact: 719.379.3169 (CO) | | | Will travel.

Compiled by Dona De Sanctis