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Sons of Italy® Book Club

The Sons of Italy® Book Club is dedicated to the fiction and non-fiction works of Italian American writers who focus on Italian American issues, themes and history.

Preference is given to books published by the major publishing houses (Random House, HarperCollins, Penguin Books, etc.) because such titles are widely available through bookstores nationally and on

Three to four titles are chose each quarter for a total of 12 to 16 titles a year. The selections are posted here and published in Italian America magazine.

We encourage all our chapters around the country to choose one or more of the books each quarter and devote part of their monthly meeting time to discuss it.

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Spring 2015 Selections

By Peter G. Vellon

Many people, including many Italian Americans, know little about the racial struggles of early Italian immigrants. Americans initially classified them as “undesirable and swarthy” – the “missing link” between the white and black races.  But Italian immigrants eventually expanded the country’s definition of “whiteness” from Anglo-Saxon/Nordic “blondness” to Mediterranean olive complexions and dark eyes as well. Using primary sources, historian Vellon also shows how Italian immigrant newspapers helped develop the immigrants’ identity as Italian Americans. A “must-have” for every family library.


By Sophia Loren

The Academy-Award winning actress traces her life from growing up in WWII Italy to starring in films alongside Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Cary Grant, John Wayne, and Paul Newman. Loren reflects on her childhood in war-torn Naples and how she rose from poverty. She takes the reader through her Italian film roles and into Hollywood where she describes her lifelong relationship with husband, the famed Italian producer Carlo Ponti. In this, Loren’s first-ever memoir, the reader meets the woman behind the celebrity through anecdotes and memories never before shared.


By Karen Haid

Calabria, which forms Italy’s “toe,” is rich in culture and history. One of its native tribes, the Itali, gave Italy her name, and thanks to countless invasions over the centuries, Calabria today has Greek ruins and Roman roads as well as Norman castles. Its white beaches and majestic mountains also give the region great natural beauty. But Calabria is one of the poorest Italian regions, beset by the ‘Indrangheta, the local mafia, and high unemployment. Still, author Haid, who taught English there, finds much to admire in the region and its resilient people


By Ann Rubino

Based on true stories about children who lived through the Nazi occupation of Southern Italy, this story is told through the eyes of Peppino, a nine-year-old boy who learns what it takes to survive. Author Rubino incorporates Italian words and phrases giving the story and its characters greater authenticity. A wonderful work of fiction for both children and adults.

By Dick Rosano

Race through the hills of Piedmont where this mystery novel is set as Paolo and his restaurant crew pursue a gang of thieves. Thanks to author Rosano, a noted wine expert, readers will finish this action-driven story with a better understanding of Italian cuisine, the art of wine pairing, and why truffles can be as valuable as gold.

Reviewed by Miles Ryan Fisher