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Sons of Italy® Book Club

The Sons of Italy® Book Club is dedicated to the fiction and non-fiction works of Italian American writers who focus on Italian American issues, themes and history.

Preference is given to books published by the major publishing houses (Random House, HarperCollins, Penguin Books, etc.) because such titles are widely available through bookstores nationally and on

Three to four titles are chose each quarter for a total of 12 to 16 titles a year. The selections are posted here and published in Italian America magazine.

We encourage all our chapters around the country to choose one or more of the books each quarter and devote part of their monthly meeting time to discuss it.

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Winter 2014 Selections

Italian Women in Chicago
Edited by Dominic Candeloro, Kathy Catrambone & Gloria Nardini

Subtitled, Madonna mia! QUI debbo vivere? (Good Grief! I have to live here?), this collection of stories are about Chicago’s pioneering Italian women from the 1890s to the present. They include politicians, labor activists, musicians, broadcasters and writers and even a saint, Mother Cabrini. Written by the women themselves or their families, these snapshots reveal the struggles and successes of Italian women in what many consider the most “American” city in the nation. [$24.99; paperback; 312 pages; Italian Cultural Center at Casa Italia]

The World of Sicilian Wine
By Bill Nesto and Frances Di Savino

Master of Wine Nesto and his wife, Frances Di Savino, a student of history, have produced a comprehensive guide on the cultivation of wine in Sicily from the ancient Phoenicians and Greeks to modern times. Carefully researched, it offers such historical tidbits as Sicilian wines’ importance to the French wine industry at the end of the 19th century and the influence of the Muslim’s nearly 200-year occupation of Sicily in the 9th century A.D. [$34.95; hardcover; 300 pages; University of California Press]

Explorers Emigrants Citizens
By Linda Barrett Osborne & Paolo Battaglia

This “visual history of the Italian American experience” taps for the first time the Library of Congress’s vast photo collection of Italian American history. It has over 500 images and photographs, many never before published, including the first map ever to use the name “America” as well as stark photographs of what our early ancestors faced and triumphant shots of their successful children and grandchildren. A “must” for every family’s library and a worthy donation to schools and public libraries. [$55; hardcover; 320 pages; Anniversary Books]

Also Worth Reading...

Brooklyn Odyssey
By Tony Giordano

This is the first in a three-part series about growing up with acting aspirations in a blue collar Italian-American family during the postwar years. The author, director Tony Giordano, says it is his attempt “ let America know how the values we inherit from our Italian childhood carry us through life with dignity and integrity.” [$27.50; hardcover; 130 pages; Ananke, LTD.]

To Tuscany with Love
By Gail Mencini

The love affairs, friendships, and life-changing experiences that eight American college students have during a summer abroad in Florence shape their future. In this novel, we meet them again 30 years later when they return to Tuscany for a reunion and learn how that long-ago summer changed their lives forever. [$16.95; paperback; 398 pages; Capriole Group]